Customized Aerial Survey Services

Obtaining permits for the purpose of the aerial survey missions.
Flight planning of photogrammetry and LiDAR missions, even for the most complex terrain, minimizing the number of images and thereby the costs of any project. Different export interfaces allow easy transfer to almost any flight management system.
As far as survey planning is concerned, GPS ground stations are required as integration to the corresponding airborne data for the processing of the flight trajectories in order to georeference the data with centimetric accuracy. As an on-ground reference AeroPhoto Co Ltd uses Hellenic Positioning System (HEPOS) GNSS-Reference (GPS) stations. In case of using a GPS-station network, AeroPhoto Co Ltd operates a preliminary check of its functioning and accuracy.
Trajectory processing (GPS/IMU)
Geospatial database using old aerial imagery and LiDAR height data that were acquired from previously operated projects and until now are available for any purpose. AeroPhoto Co Ltd provides customers with access to an increasing range of GIS and environmental data including various free datasets.