Projects and Case Studies

AeroPhoto Co Ltd in cooperation with its high qualified and experienced partners has completed more than 10 photogrammetric and LiDAR aerial survey projects in the last 2 years. Below is a short representative list with some of our completed projects accompanied with our main deliverable/s.

Region (Country)Services – Main Deliverables
Nuvolento (IT)LiDAR classification (DTM production, feature extraction)
Kapandriti (GR)LiDAR classification (DTM, full orthophoto map production, vegetation extraction)
Larymna (GR)Photogrammetry & Ortho
Sterea Ellada (GR)Hyperspectral data acquisition for ESA experiments
Chania (GR)Photogrammetry & ortho (full orthophoto map production)
Diolkos (GR)LiDAR classification (DSM/DTM, full orthophoto map production)
Geneva (CH)LiDAR classification (DSM/DTM production, building extraction, wire vector export, coverage map)
Stuttgart (DE)LiDAR .las files creation and georeferencing
Belluno (IT)Colorized LiDAR .las files creation and georeferencing for railway mapping
Tuscany (IT)LiDAR RGB .las files export and classification
Kozani (GR)Hyperspectral imagery collection for surface analysis
Thessaloniki and Evzoni (GR)Photogrammetry and orthomap production for pipeline and urban mapping
Chamoson (CH)LiDAR colorized raw point cloud georeferencing and classification
LuxembourgLiDAR raw point cloud georeferencing and classification for highway mapping