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We successfully operate, since 1992, in aerial survey and geospatial data processing


AeroPhoto Co Ltd specializes in acquisition, processing, analysis, mapping and delivery of airborne geospatial data.


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LiDAR Applications


    Digital Terrain, Elevation and Surface Models

    Aerial laser scanning is the only surveying method that can provide sufficiently dense elevation data of forested terrain, mapping with high accuracy (i.e. multiple points per square meter) the ground beneath forests. High-resolution terrain (Digital Terrain Model) and surface (Digital Surface Model) models are created by applying class filtering to return pulses and are available with regard to customers’ exact specifications. > Read more


    Forestry Mapping

    An airborne LiDAR-derived point cloud of the forest can be used to estimate the characteristics of the forest, such as the average height of trees, the density of the canopy, crown diameter, amount of biomass, the stand volume, forest edges, slope orientation and inclination. LiDAR is unique in its ability to measure the vertical structure of forest canopies and individual tree crowns. Accurate information on the terrain, tree heights and densities are critical to tree managers, foresters and natural resource managers. > Read more


    Corridor Mapping

    High density LiDAR is a revolutionary tool for powerlines management, planning and monitoring of constructions. AeroPhoto Co Ltd has been very successful at corridor mapping, planning of and executing projects such as powerlines, pipeline, dykes, roads and railways. Thanks to the multi-echo recording, it is possible to map in addition to the hard surfaces (ground, building), thin elements such as wires and towers. Using powerful classification software, we are able to separate the ground model from all obstacles along the powerline axis. In such projects, high resolution orthoimages and digital cadaster are usually expected in addition to laser data, to enable efficient management and maintenance. > Read more


    Land Management & Construction

    AeroPhoto Co Ltd has been proven to be perfectly suitable for applications like urban planning and infrastructure management providing high accuracy 3D maps at very reasonable cost. Thanks to our experience and flexibility, will help you not only acquire, process and manage the data you need, but will also be a partner in helping design the most efficient data acquisition and management strategy. > Read more


    Archaeology Mapping

    LiDAR is increasingly used in the field of surface archaeological research, including aiding in the planning of field campaigns, mapping features beneath forest canopy, and providing an overview of broad, continuous features that may be indistinguishable on the ground. Areas that were previously inaccessible or difficult to register archaeologically, now can be the object of extensive research. > Read more


    Natural Hazards Management with Hydrological Analysis

    Airborne laser scanning is the fastest and possibly the only surveying method that enables the collection of 3D data of areas that were hit by natural disasters for example storms, earthquakes, floods, and thus, to provide a basis for damage analysis and assessment shortly after the incident. Point clouds scanned at different points of time are compared to each other to find significant differences between them e.g. detection of man-made changes in urban areas. > Read more


    3D City Models

    By using dense airborne laser data, true-color (ortho and oblique) images and advanced photogrammetric techniques AeroPhoto Co Ltd can produce detailed and accurate 3D models of urban environment, including vectorized buildings and images draped over the terrain or used as textures for walls and roofs. > Read more