Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility consists an integral part of the company’s identity, culture and mission. Respecting the principles and values that characterize our culture, such as respect for humanity, human dignity, equal opportunities, respect for the environment and quality of life, we systematically invest in the field through our goals and actions.

AeroPhoto Co Ltd:

  1. Actively participates in volunteer blood donations organized every six months by Hippocrates’ General Hospital in collaboration with the EUROCONSULTANS S.A,
  2. Sponsors Aristotle University Racing Team Electric – Aristurtle, which designed and constructed the first racing electric single seated car in Northern Greece,
  3. Contributes with geospatial datasets and by sharing its know-how to Universities and Institutes as well as to public and private Greek research bodies for the execution of dissertations and PhD thesis.

In the context of corporate social contribution and based on long-term research level cooperation, AeroPhoto Co Ltd provided to the Laboratory of Remote Sensing of the National Technical University of Athens LiDAR data for educational needs and purposes of the Laboratory and the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering N.T.U.A in general.

So far, this data has been used in high-level dissertations on topics such as improving land cover classifications with LiDAR data and convolutional neural network techniques, utilizing LiDAR returns to estimate the density of the hydrographic network, and comparing photogrammetric and LiDAR methods for DSM extraction.

We also mention our kind contribution of a free LiDAR-derived Digital Elevation Model of DIOLKOS archaeological area to Hellenic Ministry of Culture in success cooperation with Egnatia Odos S.A.

Company’s philosophy is to operate with a sense of responsibility and consistency towards its people, by promoting teamwork and showing respect to its partners. We focus on attracting and retaining competent executives with principles that are consistent with those of the company’s, encouraging initiative innovation and continuous learning, and providing equal opportunities for professional development within the company, by utilization of personal capabilities. The driving force of AeroPhoto Co Ltd is its people that’s why we continuously invest in them.