Aerial Survey and Geospatial Data Services

Despite the extended use of unmanned airborne platforms and satellite stereo images, aerial survey missions executed with conventional aircrafts undoubtedly is still the most reliable solution for acquiring ultra-high-resolution imagery and dense LiDAR data, offering an excellent cost-to-benefit-ratio for numerous applications.

Whether you need greatly efficient aerial photography planning for detailed mapping, or a high accuracy LiDAR survey of your area of interest, AeroPhoto Co Ltd has the right solution. Utilizing both large format and medium format cameras, and with the ability to capture simultaneous LiDAR data, we can ensure the data you receive is perfect for your application.

Data can be provided as raw frames with calibration information for you to conduct any onward processing in house, or we can undertake full orthorectification for you. Additional photogrammetric and lidar data post-processing, GIS and web mapping, database creation, spatial data analysis and modeling services are available.

The acquisition of raw data like LiDAR height data, vertical (nadir) and oblique images is the first step for the generation of processed, complex products. AeroPhoto Co Ltd provides the client with raw data, if the client owns the technical tools and the know-how for an autonomous processing, or with processed and ready-to-use data, after a complete in-house processing. Data delivery can be done in raw or in most common file formats (DGN/DWG/DXF, SHP, ASCII, LAS/LAZ, XYZ GRID, GeoTIF/TFW, JPEG/JGW, ECW/ERS, SID/SDW…).