Land Management & Construction

AeroPhoto Co Ltd has been proven to be perfectly suitable for applications like urban planning and infrastructure management providing high accuracy 3D maps at very reasonable cost. Thanks to our experience and flexibility, will help you not only acquire, process and manage the data you need, but will also be a partner in helping design the most efficient data acquisition and management strategy.

LiDAR data combined with digital orthophotos can also be used with GIS and CAD software to help planners and engineers to model various scenarios for calculating the best outcome of a proposed construction, such as a new highway. Planning, design and construction management of new infrastructures (roads, railways, channels, pipelines, powerlines etc.) require 3D maps before, during and after the construction.

Moreover, LiDAR can be used to survey land to see its suitability for mining and quarrying, as well as give an accurate indication of environmental impact. LiDAR’s high accuracy means that precise volumetric measurements for existing quarries and waste materials can be generated.

lidar land management