3D City Models

By using dense airborne laser data, true-color (ortho and oblique) images and advanced photogrammetric techniques AeroPhoto Co Ltd can produce detailed and accurate 3D models of urban environment, including vectorized buildings and images draped over the terrain or used as textures for walls and roofs.

There are numerous applications of 3D city models used widely by architects, engineers and environmentalists:

Town planning
Municipal asset management
Security and defense
Emergency evacuation planning
Accident and catastrophe risk assessment
Locationing & information services
Noise & emission evaluation
Virtual reality
Visualizations, fly-through animations, commercial visual effects and advertisements

3D building models are geographically accurate, coming in various model types, level of detail and formats compatible with CAD, GIS and other 3D software. The level of detail (LOD) varies depending on the application in hand – from a point cloud to a simple surface model to a complex building model that includes the texture. They are specifically designed to support engineers, architects and urban planners in making efficient, cost effective and informed decisions about the urban environment.

3d urban modelling lidar imagery Thessaloniki