3D City Models

Using dense LiDAR data fused with ortho and oblique-colored images, and utilizing advanced photogrammetric techniques, AeroPhoto Co Ltd has the capability to produce high-precision 3D City Models of various urban environments. Additionally, the extraction of building footprints as vectors is feasible, while colored images add texture features into walls, roofs and facades.

Accurate 3D City Models and Digital Twins derived from 3D mesh models are extensively used by Engineers, Architects, Environmentalists, Planners and Surveyors in a wide range of applications such as:

Urban Planning and Architectural Design
Property Asset Management
Security and Defence
Emergency Evacuation Planning
Flood Risk Assessment, Disaster Management, Impact Studies
Location-based Services and Telecommunication Networks
Emissions and Noise Propagation Studies
Virtual Reality
Visual Effects, Animations and Commercial Advertising

Digital 3D City Models are georeferenced with high accuracy and can be delivered in various model types, levels of detail (LOD) and formats to be compatible with most CAD and GIS software. The Level of Detail (e.g. point cloudσ, simple surface model, textured building model) depends on the client’s specifications and the type of application. AeroPhoto Co Ltd specializes in this field, offering efficient, robust and technologically advanced cost-effective solutions, providing significant tools (simulation, exploration, analysis, correction and management tasks etc.) to Engineers, Architects, and Designers in making important decisions.