Ortho/Oblique Aerial Photography – Orthophoto

Aerial photography is playing an increasingly important role in the management of the natural environment and built infrastructure, and is now a part of everyday life with online mapping portals and use in the media. AeroPhoto Co Ltd is specializing in the acquisition of ultra-high-resolution aerial photography and the processing and creation of high-quality imagery products. In strong cooperation with our partners, we offer cost-effective solutions to wide area aerial surveys which are impossible, difficult or expensive to access or complete using conventional terrestrial or satellite-based solutions.

AeroPhoto Co Ltd, has extensive experience and offers the following solutions and enhanced data products with exceptional degree of detail and accuracy:

Orthophoto production (orthorectification, mosaicking, color balancing, seem line correction)
Aerial triangulation, orientation & block adjustment
Stereo compilation (3D restitution)
DEM/DTM generation – 3D visualization
Planimetric features
Contour generation
3D city modelling

By investing in the latest technology, we ensure that the quality, accuracy, and consistency of imagery is of the highest standard.

Photogrammetry & Ortho

Applications for ortho imagery range from web directories and online services, mapping and engineering companies that use high resolution imagery for asset management and route planning, or even to governments for urban planning. AeroPhoto Co Ltd is using Vexcel Ultracam Eagle Μ3 digital photogrammetric nadir camera with an ultra-large footprint coupled with a unique user-exchangeable lens system, allowing for one frame per 1.5 second and offering the possibility to capture 10 cm GSD at 5,000 m above the ground. The camera features an unrivaled 26460 pixels across the flight strip summing up to 450 mega pixel per image. Meanwhile, the latest CCD technology using a pixel size of 4.0 µm leads to a larger footprint and more efficient flying.

The ability to simultaneously collect R, G, B and NIR channels at a rapid frame rate produces high quality multipurpose data suitable for a variety of applications. Combining the know-how and the ability to operate with one of the most versatile airborne systems on the market, we are able to meet the most demanding requirements regarding accuracy, altitude, resolution and deliverables.

Oblique Imagery

AeroPhoto Co Ltd can execute aerial survey missions with large format digital camera with full photogrammetric nadir and oblique capture capabilities. Oblique imagery solution offers high degree of detail and the advantage to evaluate any urban area from at least four different views in addition with the vertical solution, also known as bird’s-eye view.

As a result, users are able to measure distances, slopes and heights from the office, and get valuable information about buildings such as number of floors, access and backyard layouts, materials, advertising panels etc. It offers a cost-effective solution to wide area surveys which are impossible, inaccessible or expensive to complete using conventional systems.