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                   New contribution of AeroPhoto Co Ltd

            as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility!








Company Profile

Founded in 1992, AeroPhoto Co Ltd is based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Having many years of experience, the company successfully operates in aerial survey missions and geospatial data processing in Greece, European Union and Middle East. AeroPhoto’ s Co Ltd vision is to become one of the most successful companies, which are specialized in aerial photography for scientific projects and its mission is to deliver excellent quality services and simultaneously build client confidence and credibility.

AeroPhoto Co Ltd is benefited by all technological achievements and takes aerial photographs using any kind of tele-Episcopal, thermal and hyper-spectral digital receivers which are coming from its clients. In addition, the company in collaboration with universities, the public and private sector, participates in research studies for all kinds of scientific projects, whose prerequisite is aerial photographs. 

For those purposes, AeroPhoto Co Ltd has the availability of recently certified aircrafts, such asPILATUS PC12, P68C VULCANAIR and CESSNA T206H-C208EX and they are specially modified to accept any kind of digital receivers like VEXCEL, LIDAR and CASI TABI.

Lidar Images